What color is it?

A clock that changes colors progressively with the passing of time (en)

Um relógio que muda de cor progressivamente com o passar do tempo (pt)


This software is based on What color is it, a project by scn9a.org

The original project can be found here: http://whatcolourisit.scn9a.org/


This version implements a different algorithm to translate time into colors, covering the whole visible light spectrum in 24 hours. At night colors get darker [peaking at 0AM] while during the day colors are lighter [peaking at 12AM]. Since pure hue variations in RGB comprise less values than the total number of seconds in a day, colors are further modulated each second to show a distintive gamut of colors for every different moment in the day.

Variations are based on phased sine functions that respond to each individual color, the fine modulation and luminosity.

Version: 0.1 beta (.js)

Release date of this version: December 29th 2014

Developed by: SUMBIOUN

Get in contact at people@sumbioun.org

License: GNU GPL v3.0

Free to copy, modify and distribute.

Read the license here.

Indie software sketch developed in December, 2014

Belo Horizonte, Brasil

at whatcolorisit.sumbioun.com